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Eco Friendly Vegan Soap

Howard's Vegan Soap Welcome to the home of Howard's Vegan Soap. I'm so glad you came to visit! This web page is dedicated to getting information out about the soaps that I make, why they are so great, and how the vegan lifestyle can work for you. My soaps are all made from the highest quality vegan ingredients by vegans, for everyone. They are all very moisturizing and exfoliating. They lather well, even in hard water, and leave your skin feeling special and smooth! Follow the links on the top of this page for information. Click on the Products page to purchase my soap.

I hope you'll browse the web page, and try my soap. If you have any questions, or for wholesale information, feel free to email me personally via the contact link or at howard@howardsvegansoap.com. Thanks!

-Howard Krause